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Thinking of Selling?

Here are a few important things to consider when thinking of selling or preparing to show your home to potential buyers.

Pleasea call me at (416) - 456 - 9098. This is your starting point and the most important call you will make when thinking about selling your home. I can provide you with professional assistance from start to finish.

Other things to consider when preparing your home for an open house are listed below:

  • Remove Clutter - Get rid of magazines, newspapers, piles of mail and excess kitchen gadgets. People like to see clean rooms and surfaces.
  • Clean Like Crazy - Your house needs to be spotless.
  • Air Out the Rooms - If any parts of the house have been closed up for a while, air them out. Open the windows and doors and spray air freshener.
  • Hide the Pet Supplies - We love pets, just not the fleas, the smell, and all the stuff that comes with them. Hide all of these items and spray for fleas.
  • Clean the Carpets - If your carpets have stains, have them cleaned.
  • Repaint - Where possible, put on a fresh coat of paint - The house will look and smell clean and new.
  • Landscape - Clean out the front and back yards and plant some flowers.
  • Hide Objectionable Items - The Triptych of Photographed Nudes on your wall is art but when you have strangers coming through your house, you're better off hiding it.
  • Hide small objects - If something is small and expensive, do yourself a favor and put it away.

My Commitment to You

  • will guide you through the entire process of selling your home, starting from the time you decide to put the property up for sale.
  • will assist you in preparing your house so that you will get the best possible price.
  • will make sure that showings of your home work around your schedule and your needs so that there is the least possible inconvenience to you and your family.
  • will constantly be searching for new, creative ways to market your home.
  • will use the ever-growing technology to its fullest to serve you better.
  • will offer your property local, national exposure.
  • will break down any and all costs for you so that you understand the entire process.
  • will keep you informed on a regular basis.
  • will maintain confidentiality.
  • will be fully accountable.
  • will provide tips to help you prepare for the tasks of packing and moving.
  • will tell you what to do until the "sold" sign goes up, the deal is closed and you receive the proceeds from the sale.
  • will look after your best interests and negotiate the best terms, conditions and price for you.
  • will demonstrate integrity, loyalty and sincerity in all dealings and market your property in an ethical, professional and sincere manner.
  • will do all this for you AND MUCH MORE !!!

Please call me at (416) - 456 - 9098 to set up a free consultation.

(416) - 456 - 9098
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